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QUESTION: What should you do if your garage door opener malfunctions?

  1. Fix it yourself with a really long screwdriver
  2. Wait for the opener to fix itself
  3. Call Sammamish Garage Door Openers

Sammamish Garage Door OpenerThe correct answer is, of course, [C] Call Sammamish Garage Door Openers. Sammamish Garage Door Openers has been repairing garage door openers for almost a quarter of a century. We've had a lot of ups and downs! Just kidding, it's been a wild ride, growing along with the great city of Sammamish, officially ranked Number One on its 2012 list of The Friendliest Towns in The United States.

Call Sammamish Garage Doors for an estimate on opener repair!

What a pleasure it's been, helping our friends and neighbors in Sammamish keep their garage door openers in tip-top shape. Sammamish Garage Door Openers has seen it all - and repaired it all - from broken garage springs to malfunctioning openers and remotes.

It's best to contact Sammamish Garage Door Openers at the first sign of trouble, like when your garage door opener gets noisier than usual, or when the door stops in the middle of an up or down cycle, because we have some bad news for you: your garage door (or opener) will not repair it itself. It's the truth. In 25 years of repairing garage door openers and doors, we have never once seen a garage door put itself back on track, re-align its own sensors, or reprogram its own remote control code.

You Garage Door Opener Has A Mind Of Its Own

The fact is, if your garage door opener acts up a little today, it may turn on you very soon. You already realize that a garage door opener has a mind of its own. A slight shimmy in the door, or a slack cable can quickly turn into a garage door lying on your driveway or a family car held hostage by a stubborn garage door opener - unless you call Sammamish Garage Door Openers right away.

There are two kinds of homeowners in Sammamish, those who know their garage door mechanisms intimately, and those who don't. Either way, Sammamish Garage Door Openers has you covered with garage door opener repairs.

For those of you who understand how automatic garage door system operate, Sammamish Garage Door Openers is here to explain the fine points of garage door opener maintenance, and discuss with you the finer differences between chain, belt and screw-driven models. We carry and repair all three, making us the premier garage door opener company!

If you're not exactly sure what's wrong with your garage door system, it's probably the opener. The result may be broken springs, or a crooked door, or even a garage door that opens and closes when it feel like it.

Call The Company With The Best Track Record - Sammamish Garage Doors

We've been in business longer than any other garage door service company in the area, almost twice as long as our nearest competitors. We also have the highest rate of repeat customers, which is nice, but we only get to see our regular customers every 7 to 10 years or so. When Sammamish Garage Door Openers repairs your garage door, it stays fixed for a very long time.

Sammamish Same Day Opener RepairIf you need a brand new opener, Sammamish Garage Door Openers will gladly install a new Liftmaster opener, or whatever brand you desire. We stock all major brands in chain, belt and screw drive operators. Our technicians arrive at your house fully-equipped and ready to repair your garage door opener, springs, cables or hardware - on the spot. With Sammamish Garage Door Openers you never have to wait for parts, and you never have to wait for service, even if everybody in town is fast asleep. Morning, noon or night, call the pros who will repair your garage door opener right. And you can call us 24- hours a day if your garage door opener fails again, and we'll rush right over, at no charge to you (unless the new failure has nothing to do with our parts or service - but we'll still rush over!)

Call Sammamish Garage Doors for opener repair from $29!

In short, we are the guys to call when your garage door opener breaks down - or starts to break down - or when you need your remote control or keypad switch programmed. Remember, we NEVER charge extra for nighttime, holiday or weekend service, and we ALWAYS answer your phone call on the first ring.

How's that for garage door openers?

Sammamish Garage Door Openers

Sammamish Garage Door Openers Satisfaction Guarantee

Choose a name you can trust for garage door opener repairs. Choose Sammamish Garage Door Openers, where we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

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