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Here's a tough question, worth a possible 50 points: What do you think is the greatest invention of the last hundred years?

  1. The dental suction tool?
  2. Sliced bread?
  3. The garage door spring?

Give yourself the full 50 points if you guessed the garage door spring! (The dental suction earns you 30 points because it's an important invention, but how often do you use it? Sliced bread is only worth 10 points because, let's face it, it's really just crosscut sections of a flour product.)

Sammamish Garage Door Springs - The Spring Is The Thing

Sammamish Same Day Spring RepairThe lowly garage door spring is the modern marvel of the century. It lifts your heavy garage door up, and gently lowers it, several times a day, without fail for years and years, at a cost of about 3 cents a day. Sammamish Garage Door Springs thinks that's pretty good bang for your buck. Yes, the garage door opener costs money and draws electricity, but the opener really just "directs" the operation by telling the door how far to go and when to stop. The springs do the all the heavy lifting.

When one of your garage door springs breaks:


Instead, call the best. Call Sammamish Garage Door Springs for any tension spring installation, replacement or garage door spring repair. We cannot stress enough how strenuous and dangerous garage door spring work is. A flying garage door spring can take out a whole village.

Seriously, there used to be a fly-by-night garage door spring repair service on the Eastside. You know the type - they arrive in a truck marked "Mid-Town Exterminators" and take 20 minutes to figure out that one of your garage door springs is broken. Their "technicians" were a bunch of guys who owned toolboxes and ladders, with no formal training or experience in the extremely high-tension world of garage door springs. Now they just have a skeleton crew.

Sammamish Garage Door Springs Are The Kings of Springs!

Last week, we received a call from a gentleman in Sammamish who heard a tremendous BOING-BADA-BING sound coming from his garage. He thought he was having a nightmare and he went back to sleep. In the morning he discovered that his garage door spring had snapped and flown off the handle with the force of a freight train . No one is more professional than Sammamish Garage Door Springs at garage door spring repair.

We'll show up on time, usually within the hour, and get the job done in no time. Call Sammamish Garage Door Springs because we service the entire Eastside and we provide 24-hour service to give you around-the-clock security and nighttime peace of mind.

Our informal surveys show that homeowners who have their garage door and springs serviced by Sammamish Garage Door Springs enjoy 30%-35% sounder sleep, and we're talking quality REM cycles! You never know when a garage door spring will pop, but now you know who to call...

Sammamish Garage Door Springs!

We are the premier garage door spring company in the area-- We are certain that we are the best around, and that we can give you the best service possible-- Sammamish Garage Door Springs will set new standards in excellence when it comes to your spring services!

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Choose a name you can trust for garage door springs. Choose Sammamish Garage Door Springs, where we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

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